Friday, November 29, 2013

Oliver is thankful

If Oliver could talk, I'm sure that he would say that he is so thankful that his Diane came home last night to spend time with him.  He was such a good boy while we were gone.  People tell stories about how their cat is mad at them when they leave and tear the house up or pee on the bed or something.  Ollie was totally normal.

He was soooooo, sooooo happy to see me.  He kept coming over to be petted and scratched.  He even crawled up in my lap for about 30 seconds, which is something that he has never done before.

He's also grateful for a full food dish, and for simple toys.  He doesn't play much with the expensive games we buy for him, but he was going wild playing with these little finger-sized elastic splints. I came upstairs to find him poking around under the credenza.  Apparently, he had knocked one of the splints under it.  He kept trying to get me to get it for him, but I couldn't see it.Man, he wanted it so badly!!  Finally, he squeezed himself under the credenza.  I was afraid he was going to get stuck or something.  Maybe he's part-cockroach, because he squeezed in and out of it with only some discomfort.

Once he made it under the credenza.
Starting to squeeze out again.

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