Monday, November 25, 2013

Hah! He thinks he's people!

Eating seared ahi from Blue Water Grill.  He's not spoiled or anything.
Initially, I was very opposed to giving Oliver any "people food", but we quickly broke that barrier.  He tried to eat Rowdy's breakfast burrito the first morning he was allowed out and about in our house.  He's since had fried egg, cooked ground turkey and hamburger, deli turkey, edamame, ahi, corn, rice and broccoli.  He likes to play with his food and bat it around sometimes, but the ahi he gobbled up from my fingers.  Who wouldn't??

He was so funny with the steamed broccoli.  He would only play with it, and ended up knocking it under the couch.  Even funnier was when my husband said to him (with only a little irony), "Do you want Daddy to get that for you?"

Oliver is also quite the music aficionado.  He doesn't like classical music, but he likes rap.  The sudden change in tempo and the loudness of symphonic music isn't something he likes.  However, I am listening to Yo Yo Ma right now, and he's tolerating it.

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