Wednesday, December 4, 2013

So much for cat psychology!

OK, we all know the stereotypes about cats. They're cute, curious, emotive and all that jazz. And all the cutesy LOLcats pictures I've died laughing at, tears rolling down my face only seem to have reinforced those notions in my mind. Well then why the heck doesn't my own guy, Mr Oliver Hammond, do what seemingly every other cat does?? Empty boxes and bags don't interest him at all. He ignores catnip. He isn't cutesy and doesn't like his picture taken. He doesn't like music. He's never sat on my clean clothes. None of what I consider to be typical cat behaviors.** So I won't tell you how many tries it took today just to get this one picture with his face in it. Not in focus. Not cute.
**I often say one gets the cat one deserves. I think I deserved a more photogenic cat.

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