Friday, November 22, 2013

Cat-ness Neverclean

So in real life, I'm not really a cuddler. Oh yes, I guess I should introduce myself. I'm a guest author for this blog, so you'll be seeing me post often. I'm the other half of this secret cat fancier's household. So rest at ease, this will still be about the same ol' kitten you've been seeing in posts here. Now back to me being not much of a cuddler. I'm not. And according to the cat documentary I watched on youtube last night, cats are the only animal to willingly domesticate themselves. They chose people, on their terms. By reputation, cats are capricious. So it was with great surprise that Mr. OH is such a cuddle kittens. Now don't get me wrong, he definitely has his aloof moments. But when he wants love, he wants it all the way.
Thankfully he has yet to carry this type of behavior to the bedroom....

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