Saturday, November 9, 2013

First Vet Visit

Oliver went to the vet today to establish care and get a good going-over.  I was a little worried, because he cried in the carrier all the way to the vet.  He's never been so distressed by a car ride.  However, once we got back into the exam room, he was a total sweetheart.

Both the doctor and the assistant commented on how calm and sweet he was.  He even was still when the assistant took his temperature.  Ollie has a clean bill of health, and we are starting him on some preventative treatments.  That's the way to go for pets and humans, in my opinion.  Do what you can to stay healthy and avoid disease!

When Melissa, the assistant, brought him to me after his leukemia booster vaccine, she said, "I wish all cats were like him."  At one point in the exam, she said, "I can tell he really likes you!"  That made me so happy!  I think we got a keeper with this little guy.

Napping off his exciting morning.
Squeeeeee!!!!  How adorable is this?

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