Monday, December 23, 2013

Cat Anomaly?

Do all cats like to follow you into the bathroom and watch? I swear, if I walk to the bathroom and leave the door open he comes in EVERY time and just sits there and watches me. Sometimes he has even jumped up on the toilet for an even closer look. Really? As you saw in the video a few posts back, Mr Oliver likes to play fetch. But only with one specific item. And he'll do it for like 30 minutes non-stop. What kind of cat plays fetch? Do they all do this and I just never learned 'cause we had outside cats? Really? I essentially work from home. So I see Mr Oliver all day. I know he doesn't sleep all day. So why is that he is up at 5am every day, jumping up on the bed and walking over my face and pillow? Is this normal cat behavior? Cat or anomaly?


  1. Our cat never played fetch, but he did like following us into the bathroom and he is still very active at five am. Every morning. You definitely have a cat.

  2. 100% normal for a cat as u know we have had many and that what they did.