Saturday, May 24, 2014

He's Just a Little Guy

At one year old, Oliver weighs just eight pounds.  The vet says that she doesn't think he'll get any bigger than that.  He is half the size of his friend, Black and White Kitty, who is just a huge, long-haired, black-and-white kitty.

Ollie has really taken to being an outdoor cat.  Turns out, he likes to play with the neighbors' dogs, Katie (a little terrier) and Lily (a pit bull), and the cats, the above-named Black and White and little Ralphie (who should be called Cinnabon, but whatever).  Today, for the first time, I watched Ollie and Ralphie play chase with each other and Ollie try to outrun Katie to catch a tennis ball.  When we met Oliver at the Humane Society, he was very playful with the other kittens, so it isn't surprising that he is a sociable cat now.

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