Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Mr. Oliver Hammond at Ten Months

Awwww!  Don't be bashful!  We know your fake ID says you are over 21, but you are really only ten months old!

Oliver went in for a comprehensive checkup the other day.  Here are his results:

Weight:  9.1 lbs
Body Condition:  Ideal
Overall Assessment:  Excellent

As usual, he was a great, cooperative patient.  He even tolerated the rectal thermometer, blood draw and fingernail clipping.

Oliver's likes:

Playing fetch/learning how to play catch
Sleeping next to Diane
Eating wet cat food
Splashing water from his bowl all over the kitchen floor
Helping Rowdy in the garage
Playing "couch mechanic"
Eating edamame, most green vegetables, and turkey

Oliver tolerates:

Being carried
Going for walks on a leash

Oliver hates:

Getting his teeth brushed.
Leaving Rowdy or Diane alone in the bathroom
Taking a bath

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