Saturday, February 15, 2014

Queen Bee

Over the last three months of living with Oliver, some clear family roles have been established.  If the female cat is called a queen, then I am definitely the queen of the house.  I'm the one who usually feeds Ollie and takes care of his litter box.  He likes to snuggle with me (as depicted in the above photo), particularly when he decides to sleep in our bed with us.  He always curls up right behind my knees or next to my abdomen.

We joke that Rowdy is the "big brother".  He's the fun one that Oliver likes to play with.  Ollie used to steal food off of Rowdy's plate.  I've seen him take half a sandwich and an Oreo right and run away with them.
That behavior is being extinguished a bit, though.

Ollie did something so cute yesterday evening.  We leave the slider open to our upstairs balcony so he can go outside.  He poked his head into the family room from outside and mewed at me, then went back outside.  Then he did it again, more insistently.  I figured out that he wanted me to go sit on the balcony with him and enjoy the lovely evening.  So that's what I did.  We just sat together and looked at the neighborhood for awhile.

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  1. you must remember the saying "Dogs have owners, Cats have staff"