Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Danger should be his middle name

Ok, you never really know what your cat gets up to when you're gone. I'd like to think it is all very innocuous but it probably isn't. I imagine it's all just nap time but I bet it is more things like this, stuff that'd make me nervous. I caught Mr O out on the balcony the other night. I thought I'd just get cute pictures of him with the plastic owl. But no, instead I see him jump up on a chair and then fully out onto a railing. With about a 18' drop down to the ground on that side!! What if he'd fallen? Scared the crap outta me! And makes me wonder what other types of things he gets onto when I'm not around........


  1. you got to remember they got great balance with that tail out there. I know it will drive you nuts but that a cat thing. I watched a cat walk a fence line with pit bull and G Sheppard on the side barking at it, not even a flinch.

  2. My cats like to hang out on a 3 inch banister about 20 feet above my sunken living room!!!